Intraoral Camera

As technology has advanced, intraoral cameras have become super user friendly and very affordable. The current prices match prices of an electric toothbrush.

An intraoral camera is an easy way to monitor the health of your teeth over the course of time. Combine that with an experienced dental professional analyzing your photos you can easily identify problems early, prevent costly and major dental work, and keep your natural teeth healthy and strong.

Simple device designed with the purpose of taking pictures of anything in your mouth. Most often it is used by dentists for keeping records of your teeth.

With wireless connectivity which can be used to easily upload your photos to any electronic device of your choosing.

These devices can either be connected to your devices via USB or wirelessly

We believe that every household should have an intraoral camera. 


Here's why:

  • Clear and detailed pictures to visually see how your teeth are doing

  • Easy to use and and upload pictures to your device

  • Affordability: Good picture quality and good features at an affordable price

With the ease of use and affordability, an intraoral camera is a great device to help your teeth stay healthy and to keep you smiling

Every household has at least one tooth brush, but how do you know you are cleaning properly? Is there decay forming without you noticing? With an intraoral camera it is easy to monitor your teeth and be aware of any changes over time. It is a great tool for monitoring and maintaining your teeth. It is a small investment that would require a lot less frequent use than a toothbrush. This could save you thousands of dollars and lots of pain and hassle throughout your life while also keeping your natural teeth strong and healthy

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There are many different Intra oral Cameras and it can be overwhelming to decide which one to get. We’ve made it easy for you with our 5 recommended cameras that have been tested by our qualified team.

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